2018 08 18 Chanson Award for RAPACE

RAPACE Awarded

STARNAV received the 2018 Chanson Award for its Innovative weapon setting system RAPACE.

National Award from the prestigious Army Armament Association,  the “Ingénieur Général Chanson Award” highlines each year the most significative innovation characterized by an immediate operationnal advantage.

The Medal was offered by the French Army Chief of Staf, General Bosser.

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Army Armement Association (AAT)

L’Association de l’Armement Terrestre (AAT) aims at bringing together the different members of the land armament community: DGA, Army, Industry, as well as the scientific world, in order to promote high level reflections in the field of air-land armaments.
General Paul Chanson, engineer, doctor of sciences, officer of the pionner, is one of the fathers of the French nuclear armament. Its memory has been perpetuated every year since 1972 in the form of scientific and technical awards. This prize rewards work done on the field of land armament.


RAPACE est un système de simbleautage (ou harmonisation) évolué, ne nécessitant pas de tir réel, basé sur une analyse optique du canon. Le réglage des armes légères met en jeu de nombreux paramètres dont le tireur. Cet enjeu devient crucial pour des opérations extérieures où les tirs de confirmation ne sont pas possibles.
RAPACE permet de régler l’organe de visée d’une arme sans tirs réels. La mise en place est très rapide. L’IHM est simple et pratique. RAPACE est utilisable en intérieur ou en extérieur. Le système assure l’archivage des réglages et permet en quelques minutes d’être en cible à 200 m au premier tir. Des accessoires permettent l’utilisation de nombreuses armes et organes de visées avec différents entraxes canon / optiques.


RAPACE is an advanced weapon setting system that does not require live fire, based on an optical analysis of the gun. The setting of small arms involves many parameters including the shooter. This issue becomes crucial for external operations where confirmation fire is not possible.
RAPACE makes it possible to regulate the optics of a weapon without real shots. The implementation is very fast. The HMI is simple and practical. RAPACE can be used indoors or outdoors. The system ensures the archiving of settings and allows in a few minutes to be in target at 200 m on the first shot. Accessories allow the use of many weapons and target organs with different gun / optical distances.


RAPACE brings a relevant and operational solution to the problem of adjusting weapons in operation. It can be deployed as a collective system within armies for both special forces and the FELIN program.
RAPACE gives the shooter confidence in the setting of his weapon. The shooter is sure of the setting of his weapon, realized in 30 seconds, discreetly and with precision. Each shooter can regain his individual setting on a weapon passing from hand to hand.
By reducing the use of tuning fire in metropolitan France, RAPACE makes it possible to reduce the use of often saturated firing ranges.