Weapon adjustment is a long, sensitive operation that is difficult to perform in the field, especially in outside theatres of operations. Such adjustment is however absolutely necessary. The confidence of personnel in their weapons depends on it. No satisfactory adjustment system currently exists.

Starnav  developed in 18 months the RAPACE system that offers an innovative and high performance solution.

RAPACE provides two functions:

  • quick initial adjustment to ensure the new weapon hits its target,
  • adjustment ensuring an accurate hit to within +/- 8 cm at 200 meters for a weapon recognized by RAPACE.

RAPACE’s innovation relies on three principles:

  • ensuring weapon accuracy without firing,
  • speeding up adjustment since the operation takes less than 60 seconds,
  • personalised, saved adjustment (as with a car seat).

Lastly, the system is operational now. It is currently part of an evaluation operation by French Air, Seas and Ground special forces during which we’ll receive operating experience from the field.

The operation of RAPACE is very simple:

1- position RAPACE on the weapon and insert the light cartridge.

2 – inform the software about its intention:

O Boresight : geometric alignment that accelerates the initial setting,

O Zeroing: harmonization of the optics which allows to find a previous setting, characterized by a set of parameters (identifier, weapon number, environment, type of ammunition, etc.)


3 – Start the measurement (20 seconds). The result of the analysis is realized by the display of a virtual reticle on the screen.

4 – align the reticle of the bezel on the virtual reticle.

5 – End of the procedure. The weapon is set.


Dépliant RAPACE en français

RAPACE Trifold on English

Manuel d’utilisation en français

User Manual on English

Article in “RAIDS” 363 – october 2016



RAPACE leaflet in French

RAPACE Trifold on English

User Manual