About Us

STARNAV offers solutions based on image processing techniques. Based on your issue, STARNAV develops, improves and deploys tailor-made hardware and algorithmic solutions.
Our most significant services concern the ASD field: Aeronautics – Space – Defense.
Our ambitious plans allow us to aim for a world leader position in the fields of astral Navigation and Weapon setting.

Company History

STARNAV was created in 2007 to extend the scope of star trackers to other fields :

  • Astral tracker for aeronautics and ground based applications,
  • Weapon setting system, that make our soldiers more secure, thanks to RAPACE,
  • Human machine interaction to improve the autonomy of people with disabilities.

For our team, the next development will always allow to progress together.

Our Vision

“Vision” has a special signification for STARNAV. It constitutes the hearth of our activity, image processing, and the hearth of our skills : scientific and indutrial development.

To be able to provide you the innovation and performance you need into your systems tomorrow, we have to be able to appropriate the technology changes, methods improvement, architectures modification.

We cannot just wait and adapt us, but we have to anticipate and propose our own innovation.

It needs an analysis and a  “Vision”, but also a lot of work : technology watch, intern developments, changes management… and we do it for you.


Latest News

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2023 06 STARNAV @ i-naval

  STARNAV presented its MAGELLAN system at the i-naval event in Toulon on June 1, 2023. A meeting place for professionals in the field, i-naval highlighted the benefits of the …