VISTER is a ground based application star tracker designed to occupy a minimum space for a reduced mass while offering a high mechanical robustness.The optical head is separated from the electronic box and adapts to a wide range of applications.

The system uses the positions of stars acquired by a camera to calculate the attitude of the equipped vehicle. The analysis uses adapted astronomical catalogs. VISTER can work with stars up to magnitude 7.
The system is built around a CCD camera and a high performance optics. A particularly innovative design baffle is integrated. The proximity electronics makes it possible to adapt the outputs of VISTER to any type of interface. A coaxial input allows to synchronize VISTER with an external system.

Bandwidth of 10 Hz,
Accuracy in attitude of 10 arcsec (3σ) along the X and Y axes and 40 arcsec (3σ) along the Z axis,
Acceptable speed of 10 ° .s-1,
Dimensions and mass:
Electronic housing: L x W x H = 110 x 84 x 35 mm; M = 326g
Optical head: φ = 58mm; H = 65mm; M = 234g
Baffle: φ = 83mm; H = 54mm; M = 112g
Provision of attitude information adapted to the user (quaternions, rotation matrix, Euler angles, etc.)
Output interface adapted to the needs of the user (USB, RS-422, ethernet …).

Access to VISTER datasheet